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APT Pneumatic Paving Breakers


Airgo Paving Breakers -><br>Combining Ergonomics with Power pad Standard Paving Breakers
Airgo Ergonomic Paving Breakers
pad Standard Paving Breakers
The Airgo-Line™ Paving Breakers use the Airgo-line™ handle assembly which is designed to be a vibration dampening handle. The ergonomically designed handle absorbs at least 50% of the harmful vibration to the hands and arms of the operator.
Paving Breaker Models 140, 160 and 180 are available as a Airgo-Line™ tool and come factory equipped with a Airgo-Line™ handle.
  • Automatic valves
  • Drop forged alloy steel handle
  • Built-in automatic oiler
  • Rubber handle gripsLatch type retainer
  • Swivel hose connection
  • Noise dampening mufflers available
  • Four-bolt backhead
  • Replaceable chuck bushing (except Model 140/140A)
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