5216 - 133 Rivet Buster


The APT model 133 Rivet Buster was originally designed to cut rivets off metal structures.  Today the rivet buster series is widely known for its tough, powerful tools.  They have the ability to perform all types of medium to heavy demolition work.  With half the weight of the 60 lb. class paving breaker, the ratio of their high impact energy versus their weight makes them the most efficient tool APT makes.  The model 133 meets the weight requirements for bridge deck repair work, and are also popular for cutting up underground tanks.  Rivet busters are offered in 8" and 11" stroke.

The APT model 633 Rivet Buster measures only 20-58" in length, delivering more power to those tight spaces.  Weighing just 28 lbs., it's perfect for limited access work or whenever a compact, light weight and powerful tool fits the bill.  This tool features an innovative cylinder design that reduces overall weight without compromising tool strength or hitting force.

All Rivet Buster Features:

  • Deep case hardened ally steel cylinder uses jumbo extra heavy duty tool steel
  • Heavy duty upper and lower sleeves
  • Adjustable exhaust deflector

Price includes Whip Hose Assembly (#9266) - UF, 12" Hose x 6' with 12" NPT swivel


APT 133 Rivet Buster 5216 $1,215.00
Bore (in) 1-316
Stroke (in) 8
Impact Rate (bpm) 1140
Air Consumption (cfm) 42-46
Weight (lbs) 30
Length (in) 22-12
Air Inlet (NPT) 38 Female
Rivet Buster Tools
Spare Parts List
Maintenance and Repair Information
Retainer Kit - incl. spring, bumper, upper and lower sleeves 18741 $28.57
Lower Sleeve 3171 $17.06
Upper Sleeve 4374 $12.45  
Bumper 3170 $5.38  
Lock Spring 2994 $3.12  
Whip Hose Assembly - UF, 1L Oiler, 6' x 12" Hose with 12" NPT Swivel 18836 $105.01  
Whip Hose Assembly - UF, 2L Oiler, 6' x 12" Hose with 12" NPT swivel 16892 $120.77  
O-Ring and Seal Kit 18785 $63.40
Rock Drill Oil - 1 Gallon RDO1G $25.00
Line Oiler LO-10PF $70.50
Whip Check WCSML $12.50
Contractors Air Hose AIRH-19-50R $75.00
Vacuum Dust Extraction Kit - Includes RB-VDEX Rivet Buster Attachment and TAM3P Venturi Vacuum with Pail RB-VDEX-KIT $1,215.00
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