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We distribute quality APT Air Tools: Paving Breakers, Rock Drills, Backfill Tampers, Chipping Hammers and other tools for the construction and mining industries.

Hydraulic Power Packs and Accessories

APT hydraulic power packs provide a cost-effective, portable solution to power the tools you need when you need to get to work right away.  Two people can lift a hydraulic power pack into a vehicle for transport from site to site, making it a convenient alternative to towing a large compressor.


  • Power On Deman (AAP13 and APP18 Twin only) automatically idles the engine when tool is not in use to save fuel
  • Foldable handle and wheels for transport on site
  • Thermostatically controlled oil cooler for fast warm-up
  • Variable flow on/off valve for simple tool change and slow start up
  • Two 4-liter bottles of biodegradable hydraulic oil are included in the delivery of each power pack.  Hoses are not included.
Part No. Description Weight (lb) Dimensions (in) Oil Flow (gpm) Max Pressure
Fuel Capacity
Power on Demand
Oil Control:
Engine Oi
Sound Power Level
Guaranteed, Lw
Sound Pressure
Level, Lp, r-1m
(ISO 11203)1)(dB(A))
HTMA Type Price
1807011038 APP13 Hydraulic Power Pack 201 29x24x28 5-8 2200 1.8 YES YES NO 101 89 C/D CALL
1807016052 APP18 Hydraulic Power Pack 260 31x24x27 5-10 2200 1.9 NO YES YES 101 89 C/D/E CALL
1807016054 APP18 Twin Hydraulic Power Pack 270 29x28x28 2x5 or 1x5-8 2200 1.9 YES YES YES 101 89 C/D/E CALL
Part No. Description Price
1801163321 Oil Flow Divider - OFD5 $705.00
1801164319 Oil Flow Divider - OFD8 $955.00
AC-3371801087 Twin Extension Hose - 23' $442.00
AC-3371801089 Twin Extension Hose - 39' $442.00
Spare Parts List
Safety & Operation Manuals
Power Pack Bio Oil Safety & Data Sheet